John Wichmann

FOUNDER and CFO (chefe farming officer)

I was born into a food family while surrounded by rich California farmland.  Dad was a chemist and food technologist, mom was a dietitian.  I, as a young boy, was simply a menace on the neighboring farms.  As I grew older I watched as land and water became more scarce all the while more and more chemicals were being used on our food.  This inspired me look back on to my childhood and to do find a solution to these issues.  What I have developed is a growing system that requires very little inputs and produces a very large amount of food.  We are currently able to grow 1000 heads of lettuce in 100 square feet all while using 90% less water than conventional farming.  There is almost zero maintenance to include weeding.  Our goal is to bring this technology to the world, to reduce hunger while putting less pressure on the existing infrastructure. 


Joshua A. Eaves

Project Coordinator

Josh comes to us from the great state of Minnesota.  With no formal background in farming Josh as taken to the science and craft of growing food like a seasoned veteran.  Josh's interest in the farm is to make a lasting contribution in the world.  With a strong commitment to the land and the people on it, Josh is our ambassador to people, especially the little ones, connecting the technology to the food and ultimetly to a better world for all.